Most Popular 4k Videos on YouTube


4k Ultra HD refers to a 4096 x 2160 pixel resolution. It therefore, provides very clear imagery when viewing videos and movies. The rate at which 4k videos are being created and placed public through the internet is intense. Many of these videos are released on YouTube. There are different requirements for streaming 4k videos on different platforms be it Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, as well as YouTube. YouTube will only require a PC that can support the VP9 codec used by Google to encode 4k video streams.

YouTube is currently the biggest player having been one of the first platforms for 4k videos from the year 2010. This makes it the largest platform currently for 4k movies though you will realize that its collection is not as diverse as you would want it to be. The key is that it is growing rapidly and currently one of the best platforms with new users constantly posting new clips. With a wide variety to choose from, the following are some of the most popular 4k videos on YouTube. The list addresses different categories and scenes.

This professional release of pro movie clips that aim at promoting ultra HD. Just but to give you a taste of what all of 4k is about. But keep in mind that you have to meet all requirements. Once you are online, you will probably never want to view movies or other videos differently. Yes, it is that great. This video is a collaboration of RED and YouTube. For those who are not familiar, RED is a well-known 4k camera maker.

Outdoor lovers will definitely appreciate this video. It captures different outdoor scenery from diverse environments while highlighting the best the globe has to offer from its beautiful desserts. The landscapes get as real as they can be while offering you the aspect of reality.

This is another combination of short 4k videos. Though they are different, they all offer the similarity of what nature has to offer. With this video, it is not just about capturing the different animals but about the specifications, you do not get to see from other video streaming. It covers both wild and tamed animals.

If you are looking for sport footage that will blow your mind, this YouTube 4k video will do just that. It is a video displaying a drop to the earth from a skydiver. Even with intense motion, the clarity is outstanding thanks to the high resolution. Without getting close to your screen, the entire video feels too real and life like.

You will love this 4k video thanks to its life like feel and view. Watch as an avalanche comes down. If it does not make you move aback, you are definitely not streaming in 4k. This is accompanied by great audio sound to deliver on impact. It does not get any better.


Other Popular 4k videos on YouTube

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l – Biosphere Full

l – City Of Gold

l – Assassin’s Creed Unity Meets Parkour in Real Life

l – Hot Air Balloon Rope Swing

Whether you are looking to view amateur or professional 4k ultra HD videos, YouTube offers a diverse platform to meet your preference. The above are some of the most popular 4k videos on YouTube currently and for the right reasons as well.